Our Story

Mother Nature, Mother Earth, has created no more noble creature than the dog. Loyal, brave, sensitive, sentient, intuitive, dedicated, and soulful; all other species pale in comparison. They are our friends, companions, teachers, messengers, and serve as examples as to how we all should try to live our lives: fully, completely, and in the moment. They bring us joy, laughter, comfort, and unwavering, unconditional love.

And yet, thousands of these incredible spirits die needlessly every year in shelters.

RockNRoll Rescue was established as another resource, another avenue, to save as many of these beautiful animals as possible, and to find them their own forever homes and families.

Through advocacy, fund-raising, and rescue events we strive to raise awareness, and create support and long-term care and financing for the rescue itself. Working in conjunction with hi-profile Rock and Roll musicians and personalities, RockNRoll Rescue draws its primary support from the fans of Rock and Roll, and the many colorful bands and entertainers associated with it.

Every dog deserves a home and family. No home or family is truly complete without a dog. Our goal is to make this a reality in the world today, and in doing so, make the world a much better place for all.

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